Victoria Sports & Social Club gets new logo designed by Strode College Student

On #LoveOurCollege’s week, Victoria Sports & Social Club in Street gets a redesigned logo by Kasha Mikolajczyk, Graphic Design Student.

At the logo presentation ceremony From L to R: Brian Say, Club Secretary; Heinrich Ferreira, Web Designer – Silva + Co.; Alison Leaverland, Deputy Principal; Kasha Mikolajczyk, Graphic Design Student; Laura Pearcey, Course Manager A Level Graphic Design; David Redman, Club Treasurer.

Brian Say from the Victoria Sports & Social Club contacted Laura Pearcey, Course Manager for A Level Graphic Communication to see if any of our students would be interested in designing a logo for their club.

The club committee had plans for a new website and it was a great opportunity to come up with fresh logo that captivated a wide range of audiences and to forge a new collaboration with the college.

Laura devised a brief and gave the first-year A Level students one week to research and sketch out ideas before creating a finished design. Brian then came into the college and along with Laura and graphics teacher Dave Merritt, turned into a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style panel and each student pitched their design in round one of the selection process. 

Six students were selected as finalists, they then had a week to practice their pitches before being invited to the club to pitch their design to the committee members as well as the Web Designer Heinrich Ferreira, owner of Silva + Co. who had been commissioned by the club to create their website and branding. 

The students were fantastic throughout and they all gained a good deal of experience in terms of communication and design. The winner was Kasha whose design was clean, crisp and simple and easily translatable to the web format and signage.

Kasha has completed her A Levels and is now studying the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Strode. She was recently presented with her prize which was unfortunately delayed due to the pandemic.

“Designing for real-life situations was eye-opening. It showed me what is like to work in the real world. It took a few tries to get a design that worked for what my client desired. It was a long process to complete due to the pandemic, but I am glad the Victoria Sports & Social Club committee are happy with it.”

Kasha Mikolajczyk, Graphic Design Student

“It was a long time coming but I am so pleased and proud of Kasha, and the club were so great in supporting the students; it was a real pleasure working with them on the project. Kasha is going to spend her prize money on a graphics drawing tablet to help her with her ambition to become a graphic designer and study at university next year.”

Laura Pearcey, Course Manager A Level Graphic Communication