About the Abbey Croquet Club

Welcome to Abbey Croquet Club. We are a small friendly club with one lawn located between the outdoor bowles and tennis at the Victoria Field Social Club, Street.

Membership is open to all – any age or ability including complete beginners, training can be given.

Members play two versions of the game; Association Croquet (AC) resembles Garden Croquet (without the foot on the ball!) and Golf Croquet (GC) which is a newer and popular version putting your ball first through each hoop to score.

Some members play in the local league organised by the South West Federation of Croquet Clubs whilst others just play socially – it’s a very friendly game.

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    We only wear whites for league matches and there are mallets to borrow.


    Members play anytime (all year if you want, subject to the state of the lawn) but there are specific club days:

    • Sunday afternoon (AC and GC)
    • Tuesday afternoon (GC)
    • Wednesday evening (GC)
    • Thursday evening (AC)

    Abbey Croquet Club has a relatively new clubhouse next to the lawn with electricity and we hope to gave a water supply in the near future, meanwhile we have full use of the Victoria Club facilities for refreshments.

    The club lawn is being renovated and will be new for the 2021 season.


    If you would like to join us or just try Croquet (first games are free) do contact us – new members are always welcome. Equipment and training provided. As a member of the club access to the lawn and equipment is granted at anytime throughout the season with the exception of the some regular sessions, match practices and home matches.

    For more information contact 01458 442535 or the Victoria Club.